Chartering A Private Yacht In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Before we discuss yacht charters in the Dominican Republic, let’s step back in time for a moment. For a long time, the Dominican Republic has been racing to gain a strong foothold in the Caribbean as a great tourist “hot spot”. Let’s face it, today, this Country IS a leader in the marketplace when it comes to tropical destinations. Of course, it’s Punta Cana that is likely the most well-known around the world as “the place to be”and it’s likely due to the many things to do in Punta Cana. From all-inclusive resorts, great dining options, water and land adventures and excursions, world-class golfing, fishing, and scuba diving, to a bustling nightlife and best of all, the miles and miles of white sandy beaches.

Punta Cana began as a “privatized” community – a “master-planned” resort/residential/golf/ocean complex that attracted the rich and famous. As time passed, more and more people from all walks of life wanted to “take in” what the Dominican Republic has to offer – so more amenities and services became available at nearly every price point – something for everyone. Interestingly enough though, the “ultimate” in luxuriousness seemed to fade a way; taking second stage to more mainstream activities/lifestyles. Today, as if appearing again out of nowhere, we’ve got the availability to tap these fine amenities and services that helped Punta Cana become “Punta Cana”…

Consider Yacht Charters. Until recently, as a tourist visiting the Dominican Republic, if you wanted to be on a boat, you realistically only had three options. You could arrive on a cruise ship. If you like the cruise lifestyle, then great. If you don’t then you’ve flown here and you want to be on the water – so, you can reserve an excursion that takes you out on a local “cruise” where you’ll be with a group of people on something more akin to a “party barge” than a luxury boat. Lastly, you could also find a local with a rowboat with a motor on it. Some people enjoy this, but it’s a far cry from a relaxing day on the water in style.

Now, at Caribbean VIP Vacations and El Tour Caribe, we bring you our hand picked selection of fine yacht that are moored locally for your convenience. We’ve literally spent years waiting to bring you exactly the right product that we (based on our interactions with our always-valued clients) feel suits you the best. Just imagine, the luxuriousness, sumptuousness, and exclusivity that makes you feel as though you are the queen or king of the tropics – truly in control of your own destiny – is now within reach. The best way to discuss Yacht Charter is to actually answer some of the most frequently asked questions about chartering or renting a private yacht here in the Dominican Republic…

QUETION: If these yachts are so expensive, who in their right mind would rent them out?

Good question. Believe it or not, the owners of yachts like these (the values of which range anywhere from 600,000 USD to 2,500,000 USD) actually factor in proceeds from chartering their boats as a potential income stream to offset hefty operating costs. Consider just the fuel costs alone… The Azimut yacht at the top of our range, has a 618 Gallon Fuel Capacity (you’ll get some good weekend cruising distance out of this). At around 4.50 USD per gallon, that’s around 2,500 USD give or take, just to fill the boat up. So, basically every time the owner of this boat wants to take it for a weekend “spin” you have to shove the boat full of a pre-owned Toyota Corolla. Now, obviously if you don’t use the boat then there’s no costs right? WRONG. There’s insurance, mooring fees, taxes, hull maintenance, routine engine maintenance, and that’s just to name a few. The annual costs on a yacht add up very quick. I hope you can see why it’s in the owners very best interest to locate people just like you that can help offset these costs.

QUESTION: I can’t afford to charter a yacht.

Think again. Just because yachts like this are featured in “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous”, every Wall Street movie you’ve ever seen, and any music video since the 90’s, doesn’t mean this is an exclusive treat reserved only for the 1%. Yacht Charter costs, almost like fractional jet ownership costs, have dramatically dropped in the previous years. A bit of this is due to market competition, but more so it’s due to the availability of a wider range of yachts that “fit” more price-points. So, for an example, lets take a look again at the top of the range Azimut for an extreme example. At around $6,500 for the charter of this boat, you may look twice at that price (if you’ve chartered yachts before then you’ll likely jump on this deal). Take a moment however and look at the floor plans of this boat:

Punta Cana Yacht Charters Azimut Floor Plan 2

Punta Cana Yacht Charters Azimut Floor Plan 1

The interior space (as well as deck space) is rather something on this boat. You’re looking at something more akin to a fine Manhattan Penthouse then a “boat”. This boat would comfortably sleep 8 people, so on a day trip let’s say that we could reasonably accommodate 8 to 10 people with room to spare. Now, that 6,500 just turned into only 650 to 850 USD per person. It’s a bit more than a 200 USD day trip you’d take otherwise in the D.R., BUT isn’t this something you’d remember forever? an experience of a lifetime? at less than the price of your airline ticket to get here? and this is for the top-of-the line yacht. How about a day on our high-performance Sunseeker Yacht? If you’re like most people visiting us, you’ve probably already contacted us about booking!

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