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There are two spas at the resort: Metamorphosis Spa and Kin Ha Spa. You will receive a 30% discount for services at the Metamorphosis Spa.



Before any facial treatment, Metamorphosis’ professional team will perform a customized evaluation to recommend a facial perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin type and condition.

Each facial therapy includes cleansing, exfoliation and massage of face, neck and décolleté.

Express Facial — 30 min.
Does your skin need an extra boost? This Pro-Biotic facial has been designed for your needs. The combination of active ingredients such as fruit extract, milk and cereal increases the skin’s defenses to keep it healthy and radiant.

Signature Facial — 55 min.
This specialized Metamorphosis facial is expertly tailored to fit your individual needs, whether it is a facial to treat problem skin, restore balance and proper hydration or combat the environmental effects. Dull surface skin cells are gently removed, followed by an extraction if necessary. Next you will enjoy a relaxing facial massage, application of a nourishing mask over face, neck and décolleté. Enjoy a complementary hand or foot massage during treatment.

Fresh Cell Infusion — 55 min.
A unique anti-aging treatment that stops time in its tracks, offers maximum protection against external factors and free radicals. This treatment is adapted for all skin types, using a pure collagen mask as well as fresh pumpkin cells to increase cell regeneration thus promoting healthier and younger skin. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer.

Tropical Bamboo — 55 min.
The effectiveness of BABOR’s “Refining Complex” stands out in this innovative facial treatment, providing the ultimate balance to oily or combination skins. The powerful action of its main components, bamboo and witch hazel, reduces sebaceous flow, refines pores and lends a visibly refined and fresh appearance.

Hydrating Calendula — 55 min.
An intensive moisturizing facial for sensitive and demanding skin with an instant calming effect. The products used in this gift of “mother nature” combine a new anti-irritation complex with a high dosage of calendula extract. 100?lming. 100% Moisturizing.

S.O.S. After Sun Facial
When you have overexposed your face to sun’s rays without suitable protection, this is the perfect treatment for you. This facial will restore your skin concentrating on refreshing, calming and reducing redness. The products used in this S.O.S. Facial will help your organism to begin its natural process of revitalization and regeneration.

Caribbean Moon (Whitening Facial) — 55 min.
This highly effective and amazingly gentle facial is ideal for all skin types and conditions. It lightens the complexion due to active ingredients as citric acid, sleepy morning and sunflower extract. A Metamorphosis favorite for brides.

Aqua Lift — 80 min.
A highly recommended facial for moisture deprived skin and lack of elasticity. With this one of a kind treatment your skin will be replenished at a cellular level with moisture due to the action of cyclodextrines loaded with water. Included in this lifting treatment is a gommage style algae mask. The firming effect is noticed with one session.

Rejuvenating Rose Quartz — 55 min.
Take pleasure in the ultimate balancing ritual for restoring beauty and rejuvenating the skin. Experience the loving heart stone of Rose Quartz transferring a healing energy, therefore improving the skin’s vital function, promotion cell regeneration and preventing light induced aging. This treatment visibly improves natural moisture supply to the skin.

Touch of Gold — 80 min.
Our most luxurious treatment will transport you to the realms of tranquility, which cannot be pictured by imagination alone. A special musical composition of the natural sounds of the sea and a choreographed massage will transport you to the farthest corners of complete relaxation. While enjoying an unforgettable experience, your skin is rejuvenated with luxurious High Skin Refiner products formulated to maintain a youthful appearance. Includes free gift with purchase.

Gentlemen’s Express Facial — 30 min.
Purifying, hydrating and refreshing, this facial treatment is individually tailored to suit your skin type. This treatment addresses overall skin condition, targets specific problems, soothes shaving bumps and irritation leaving skin feeling refreshed, healthy and ultra smooth.

Gentleman’s Deluxe Facial — 55 min.
Tailored for the demanding requirements of men’s skin, we present a matchless treatment that minimizes the tracks of time. Formulated for all skin types, rich in collagen and with and intense moisturizing effect, this Deluxe facial is definitely worthy of a King.

Algae Peel-Off Eye Mask (offered as add-on to facial treatments)
Give a little extra care to the most delicate part of you face with our special Algae Peel off Eye Mask, the perfect complement for any facial treatment that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, banishes tiredness and leave the eye area looking smoother and healthier. Only available as an add-on treatment.



Relaxing Anti-stress Massage — 25min. / 55min.
Harmonize your body and spirit with this wonderful massage based on traditional European techniques, results include increased circulation, muscle tension relief and stress reduction.

Deep Muscular Massage — 25 min. / 55 min.
This massage is recommended to relieve muscular tension and pain or for those who enjoy a strong, deep massage. This therapy is perfect before or after an exercise routine or physical activity. Ease joint pain and discomfort with this intense muscular massage.

Aroma Therapeutic Massage — 25 min. / 55 min.
Imagine being surrounded by an exotic blend of essential oils selected for your personal needs, imagine that these essential oils are being applied to your body with a subtle rhythmic massage… embracing your spirit…Stop dreaming and experience our exquisite aroma-therapeutic massage!

Shiatsu — 55 min.
A massage that focuses on the Oriental technique of acupressure. During this treatment your therapist will apply pressure on specific points in combination with precise body movements to stimulate even energy flow through meridians or energy channels throughout your system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage — 55 min.
The purpose of this massage is to stimulate the lymphatic system using smooth movements and rhythmical blows. This treatment will liberate your body from toxins and stimulate circulation. An excellent choice if you want to avoid fluid retention and reduce chronic inflammation. This massage combined with other techniques is appropriate for weight reduction.

Scalp Massage — 40 min.
This is the best therapy to relieve tension and stress from the shoulders, neck and head areas. The different massage techniques applied in this treatment will improve scalp circulation and flexibility in the neck and shoulders.

Reflexology Massage — 45 min.
“Your hands and feet are a map of your body.” Through this ancient Eastern theory that sustains reflexology, our experts will stimulate key zones in your hands and feet that correspond to your organs and internal system. This massage will help you find energetic balance.

Combined Massage — 80 min.
Pamper yourself with this exquisite fusion of therapeutic techniques tailored to suit your individual requirements. This is the best way to explore and enjoy the magical world of body massage.

Scentao Hot Stone Therapy TM — 80 min.
Enjoy this unique wellness treatment reflecting the oriental philosophy for the body and mind combined with hot stone massage. This treatment uses a range of holistic products based on active ingredients found in Asian plants (Ginkgo, Ginseng and Green Tea) to calm for an exceptional relaxation experience.


Cleopatra’s Milk Bath — 55 min.
Indulge yourself and feel like a Queen for a day! Rejuvenate your skin with this superb hydrotherapy of milk and minerals…we begin with a BABOR full body exfoliation, followed by a hydrotherapy session of 20 minutes and finish with a 15 min. relaxing massage.

Rose Petals/ Exotic Flowers Bath — 45 min.
Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious pampering, forget the stress of your daily routine and leave the outside world behind you or simply recharge your batteries while enjoying this unique exotic flower or rose petal hydrotherapy followed by a 15-minute relaxing massage.

Aroma Spa Bath and Massage — 75 min.
Indulge in this fragrant Spa Experience! This aroma-licious spa session initiates with a rejuvenating sea salt body exfoliation followed by a 15-minute hydrotherapy session and finalizes with a lavish aromatic 45-minute massage. All steps of this therapy include the incorporation of the essential oil combination chosen by you to best suit your needs.

Relaxing: Let your senses float, relax your body
Balancing: Inner peace and harmony
Revitalizing: Awaken your senses, revitalize your body

Thalasotherapy — 55 min.
Wellness by nature! This treatment’s benefits are intensive purification and the stimulation of metabolism. Blue algae have excellent detoxifying properties and a deep hydrating, relaxing effect due to their high content of vitamins, minerals and oligio elements. This splendid treatment includes 20 minutes of hydrotherapy, 30 minutes of cranial massage and ends with a vitamin rich body cream application.

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